We are an approved Accrediting Agency for The MLA Scheme granted by the Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) and DoHA and an Approved Accreditor for the National Safety & Quality in Health Services Standards (NSQHSS).

As a specialist health assessment organization and an experienced provider of accreditation to the health sector, we are one of the few organisations in Australia that has achieved accreditation by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQUA). This means you can be assured of our systems, processes and approaches.

Background to the Medicare Local Accreditation Scheme

DoHA developed the MLA Scheme as part of the National Health Reform. It will ensure that Medicare Locals (MLs) are assessed against standards that are specifically tailored to the unique roles and responsibilities of these new organisations. Under the Deed for Funding between the Commonwealth and each Medicare Local, all MLs were required to register with an accreditation agency such as HDAA and comply with accreditation requirements. The MLA Scheme formally commenced on 3 June 2013. Medicare Locals can change their Accrediting Agency at any point. 

How HDAA can help you

Medicare Locals : Whether you are a Medicare Local or an organisation or practice providing subcontracted services to a Medicare Local, we could help you. We are happy to provide MLs with accreditation services, even if you originally registered with another accreditation agency. Contact to see how easy it can be!

Subcontracted Services: The Deed for Funding for Medicare Locals requires that where MLs subcontract services, those service providers must by June 2014:

  • be accredited
  • or registered for accreditation
  • or agree the level of service provided in the contract for services with the ML.

The latter option might mean that MLs require Subcontracted Services to meet the MLA Standards, or other standards. HDAA are happy to help you determine the best route for you and help you gain accreditation.

Health services are about people and we know that it is not always possible to achieve excellence despite trying. We acknowledge this in our work with organisations and do what we can to provide a pathway of development that contributes to improvement.

When you choose HDAA as your assessment agency you can be assured that we will do everything in our power to make the assessment experience both positive and valuable. Our aim is to walk beside you throughout your journey to improvement at all stages.

> Click here to download < a pdf copy of the HDAA Information for Medicare Local Accreditation.

First Step

Please contact Suzanne Le Huray, Business Realisation Manager at or on 1800 601 696 for support or to arrange a meeting to discuss how HDAA can help you.